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Robert writes internationally about architecture, cities, heritage and cultural travel. He is the architecture critic for the London Evening Standard.

He has previously been editor of Building Design and the architecture critic for two other daily newspapers The Australian and the Australian Financial Review. He has written for design, art and travel magazines around the world as well as for national bodies such as Historic England.

"Passionate, original…he writes with powerful eloquence.”

Neil Ascherson – author

Robert is the author of essays and books including The Destruction of Memory: Architecture at War (2006/2015) and is a member of (ICOMOS), the body that advises UNESCO on world heritage. He has qualifications in architecture, planning, urban design and journalism, and experience in both news and features. 

For Robert Bevan, it is all about having a strong sense of place; this is what connects his work as a writer, architectural historian and consultant. He can critique a city’s newest architecture, research its history, reveal its symbolic meaning or set out its appeal to today’s cultural traveller.

Among the many other titles Robert has written for are: Guardian, Times, Sunday Times, Observer magazineSydney Morning Herald, The EconomistArt NewspaperArchitectural Review, and Wallpaper*/Wallpaper* City Guides.


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Heatherwick thumb

Thomas Heatherwick

The inventor behind the Olympic torch.
wilson thumb

Bubbling under

Snorkelling for beginners on the great, great, Great Barrier Reef.
WTC thumb

9/11 Memorial

High finance and low politics undermines commemoration at Ground Zero.

All that is solid melts

The Louvre in Lens brings a shine to a former spoil tip in northern France


Title: Weimarana Subtext: Does the new Bauhaus museum have unintended bite?
Copenhagen.Design travel

Design scene: Copenhagen

An architectural travel guide to design central.

Cultural Genocide

Why culture should be central to the definition of genocide.

Me London

Can hi-tech architecture create the perfect hotel bedroom?

Frida Escobedo

The Mexican’s Serpentine Pavilion

North Bank South Bank

Australia's arts complexes under the spotlight.
spike thumb

From Ruth Glass to Spike Lee

The origins of gentrification. For The Guardian


Racism is behind the fight against building minarets in the West.
Hepworth thumb

Hepworth & Turner

Chipperfield's architectural double act. The Hepworth is a fine follow up to Berlin's Neues Museum.
rotterdam thumb


How the Dutch port is reinventing its images using architecture

World Heritage Convention at 40

Is the world heritage convention having a midlife crisis? Published as: World Heritage at 40: success or mess? in THE ART NEWSPAPER Number 240, November 2012

Art in the office

Durbach Block's creative HQ for Melbourne fashion maven and art patron Naomi Milgrom.
BATH thumb

Bath’s return to source

England's spa city is rediscovering its original purpose.
Common Ground thumb

Common Ground

An essay on Islamophobia and the stand-off between heritage and the  avant-garde commissioned for a critical reader accompanying the 2012 Venice Biennale.
Groupe Hygge.thumb

Group Hygge

Copenhagen for the design traveller.
Two towers thumb

A tale of two towers

London's towers compared for the launch of the Architects' Journal Skyline campaign


Singapore finest. WOHA profiled in The Australian's Wish magazine. (more…)


Vogue Living on the 2013 European Capital of Culture.
MM thumb

Is art worth a life?

The story behind the film. For The Times of London

Cycling Copenhagen

How Denmark's capital made the sustainable stylish. From The Australian's Wish supplement

Cairo the victorious

The city's ancient centre is as fascinating as the pyramids at its edge.

Iconoclasm as genocide warning

Attacks on buildings conveying cultural identity can be a warning of incipient ethnic cleansing or genocide. (more…)
lyon thumb

Lyon heart

Lyon has many wonders but a few blunders too.

Venice Biennale 2012

Architecture's new mood. For The Australian newspaper.

Walking Wales

How to convince an Australian that Britain has beaches worth a look.
BiG thumb

BIG profile

Denmark's hottest architectural export profiled in the Evening Standard.