Colonial Baroque

Empire of Domes

TLS review on the English Colonial Baroque


Truth to Power – on a Budget

Lesley Loko’s Venice Biennale 2023

Leeds Pool


Leeds’ Unique Housing Legacy 

1_Apollo James II

Apollo on Monumental Lies

“A knowledgeable and thought-provoking intervention.”

Charles 3

Charles III: Misguided at best

The king’s love of the traditional has ideological impacts

Coleman Pic

Dystopia on Trial

On the death of Alice Coleman

BD review ML

“Nine brilliant and well-informed chapters”

Emma Dent Coad MP on Monumental Lies

Dezeen Beauty Myth

Think Tanks and Beauty Myth

How Right think tanks influence the beauty debate


Dutch Courage

Utrecht Paradise not a parking lot

ES London Statues

London’s Problem Monuments

The contestation of the capital’s memorial landscape

Elizabeth Line

Lizzy Line Opens

The Long awaited verdict

Ukraine 1

Is Putin Targeting Culture?

Ethics of Cultural Protection

Vesro Blog 1

Why Monuments Matter

An introduction to Monumental Lies

Domus Image

Western Arrogance on Parade 

Robert’s contribution to David Chipperfield’s guest edit


Object Lessons

Herzog & De Meuron’s RCA building 


Bridge Across Time

English Heritage’s new span to Tintagel

Greenwich Desing Nov21

Greenwich Design District 

The Little District that Could

thumbnail_monumental lies_hi-res copy

Monumental Lies

Robert’s recent book Monumental Lies: Culture Wars and the Truth about the Past is proving a critical success. The book examines the politicisation of the historic environment and reminds us why material evidence matters so much. It has been a book of the year in the Financial Times,  the Art Newspaper and elsewhere. Robert is undertaking a…



Extending the canvas. Tate Modern’s towering extension.


Gobelki Tepe

The world’s oldest temple. Did architecture begin here?

Jamie Fobert

Jamie Fobert

An architect in the cultural moment


Frida Escobedo

The Mexican’s Serpentine Pavilion

Pawson Life House

Pawson in Wales

John Pawson’s holiday home. Welsh Wizardry


All about Yves

YSL in Marrakech. All about Yves


Forensic Architecture

Uncovering Architecture Crimes. Forensic Architecture


Eileen Gray

Can a house have a £MeToo moment? Restoring Eileen Gray’s pioneering house

grayson thumb

House for Essex

First look inside Grayson Perry and FAT’s fantasia.



Title: Weimarana Subtext: Does the new Bauhaus museum have unintended bite?

BiG thumb

BIG profile

Denmark’s hottest architectural export profiled in the Evening Standard.

Paris thumb

Terror and the city

After the Paris attacks: Does modernism lead to terrorism.

CSJ thumb

Caruso St John

Tuesday 29 September 2015 The practice profiled on the opening of the Newport St Gallery

ES OP ed thumb

Heritage and human rights

Why it is vital to link the two. Op Ed for the Evening Standard.

MM thumb

Is art worth a life?

The story behind the film. For The Times of London

spike thumb

From Ruth Glass to Spike Lee

The origins of gentrification. For The Guardian

Mondial thumb

Jan Gehl on cycling cities

Bevan interviews the pioneering urban designer for Mondial

whitney thumb

New Whitney

Piano’s new Whitney Museum is a dull affair, writes Bevan in the Architectural Review

Two towers thumb

A tale of two towers

London’s towers compared for the launch of the Architects’ Journal Skyline campaign

Ilife thumb

New intelligence

Architecture in the post parametric age for Intelligent Life


Spanish netherlands

Cruz y Ortiz’s remodelling of the Rijksmuseum has many qualities but has it solved the museum’s basic problems?


All that is solid melts

The Louvre in Lens brings a shine to a former spoil tip in northern France


Me London

Can hi-tech architecture create the perfect hotel bedroom?


Gehry’s architecture business

Gehry’s business school in Sydney prioritises branding over architecture.

NGA thumb

National Gallery of Australia

The new Aboriginal wing makes a less than impressive entrance.


Art in the office

Durbach Block’s creative HQ for Melbourne fashion maven and art patron Naomi Milgrom.

Hepworth thumb

Hepworth & Turner

Chipperfield’s architectural double act. The Hepworth is a fine follow up to Berlin’s Neues Museum.


North Bank South Bank

Australia’s arts complexes under the spotlight.

lighbulb thumb

Lightbulb moments

Changing a light bulb is easier than building a green power plant but the new globes bring their own problems.



Singapore finest. WOHA profiled in The Australian’s Wish magazine.



Sydney and Melbourne’s architectural cultures go head-to-head

zaha thumb

Zaha Hadid

The diva of decon’s first Australian interview.